I'm not sure this is a blog for you as much as it is a binder of my recipes ad restaurants for me! I'm always finding new recipes to try and love to travel, seeking out amazing restaurants and as quick as I find them ... I loose them or have to search through several notebooks to find them! My friends text me asking where they should eat while in town or ask for ideas on what they should cook. While I try to stay organized ... I'm really bad about it. I thought a website would be the perfect place to organize my recipes and keep track of places I've been.

    This isn't a blog where each entry has a mile long story about how their kid doesn't like a certain ingredient or their husband ate the last of the peanut butter so they had to improvise.  I'll tell you were I found the recipe, tips not in the original that would be helpful when making again and if there was anything I'd change. No pointless scrolling and scrolling down on your phone just to get to the recipe.  I hope you find this site useful!

I am a Le Cordon Bleu trained Pastry Chef. I love to travel...especially to Sweden but I'll go anywhere I've never been! Ice cream is life. I love to travel and road trip in my MINI Cooper, Minty.