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Grilled Corn & Avocado with Garlic & Chili Dressing

I found this recipe in the least likely place you would think to find tex-max, Sweden. But Swedes love tacos too.

Best served with grilled steak, baked potatoes and a nice salad.

Swedish grocery stores are so cute!

2 garlic cloves

1 red chili

1 bunch cilantro

2 Tbsp White wine vinegar

1 Tbsp lime juice

2 Tbsp sugar

3.5 Tbsp Olive Oil

4 Corn on the Cob

2 Avocado

salt & pepper

a hot grill!

a wire basket is helpful but if you don't have one just cut the avocado in half instead of smaller slices.

1. Peel & chop garlic, chop pepper finely & Cilantro

2. Dressing: Blend vinegar, lime & sugar until dissolved.

3. Boil corn with salt water for 8 minutes then drain.

4. Cut and slice avocado, brush lightly with oil and set on wire basket on grill. Grill corn just until black grill marks start to show.

5. Remove from grill and spoon dressing over avocado and corn.

#grilled #salad #sidedish

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