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The Ultimate Taco Topping

Feta Basil Sour Cream

I had forgot about this until I started going through my travel notes and putting my recipes up online.

In Sweden, everything has a sauce. You can buy grilling sauces in the store. They are essentially flavored sour creams. Dip your grilled meats in them, dunk a boiled potato, mix it with your shrimp or dab some on your salad (Swedes aren't big on salad dressings).

You don't need measurements here. Just add according to your taste!

1 small package feta cheese, crumbled (My favorite brand is Odyssey)

3-4 Basil leaves

1 container sour cream

Mix feta into sour cream using a fork to mash it up as you mix.

Add finely chopped Basil. It will get stronger the longer it sits. If you are making this in advance only use 2 leaves.

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